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Why We Are Different

I believe that every person leaves a legacy, regardless of their wealth and status.  

In 2014, I started my own estate planning practice.  I have chosen to structure the practice in such a way that the firm only handles estate planning & business planning matters. I made the decision to focus entirely on estate and business planning after spending time in bigger firms, where personal relationships and careful planning can fall victim to the bottom line.  With a concentrated practice, I can deliver the level of service and quality that my client's deserve.  


In addition to my belief in the value of a specialized practice, I also ground the culture of our organization around my steadfast belief in Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of my life.  Because of my faith, I believe it is my privilege to serve others as well as I would serve myself: to make our clients feel like they have been treated with the love shown a brother or sister, not just another customer.  Ultimately, I believe God has a plan for my life and I manage our firm to His standard, not my own.  

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